The garden at Dear Delicious is a place where anyone is welcome to come and get crafty, creative and inspired. We nurture the idea
of creativity and to provide others with the opportunity to learn new skills in our peaceful Sydney’s Inner West oasis.


At Dear Delicious we are delighted to have this special space for not only growing our veggies and herbs but to be able to share it with our community. Nurturing our veggie beds, fruit trees and seeing – following this buzzing little ecosystem is surely our daily inspiration.

Our workshops aim to engage, excite, and educate children and the neighborhood in all aspects of urban farming. Through developmentally appropriate, experiential and educational programming; you can participate in activities such as planting, watering, weeding, mulching, harvesting and caring for the garden.

Dear Delicious hopes that by exposing our people to a diverse array of nutritious and flavorful foods, and by bringing awareness to the environmental benefits, they will be encouraged to make healthy choices for their bodies and for their communities.

We designed our non dig vegetable beds and a covered outdoor entertainment space made of recycled wooden palettes filled with fruit trees, a bean teepee, and so much more for your enjoyment!

Dear Delicious kids holiday workshop
BOOK for Natural Collage:
BOOK for Bush Jewellery + Living Soil:


Big People

Watch this space …..Grab your girlfriends, come and be inspired, discover your creativity, learn new skills and surround yourself in

Every plant has a story …and every plant has a medicinal property!!!!
They are all around us… to make it edible or create something precious for our wellbeing!
See the beauty around you …and within you!Don’t forget!Everybody mand Everything has a story!

Dear Delicious wreath workshop