Self care Ritual2023 key focus



You may relate to me with my list of self-growth ideas ebbing and flowing around your head for a healthy 2023.

But through my efforts and from what science tells us, difficulty balancing a New Year’s resolution is all too familiar…

25% of us quit after a week.

Worse yet, only 19% of us were able to stick to their goals 2 years later…

So, here’s what I like to claim my big 3 key focus for a healthy 2023!

They’re the primary areas I focus on to make the biggest impact across my list of resolutions.

When the foundation of your health off – track, you will find it strenuous to remain focused and powerful in your life.

Three areas to focus on two start the new year off right.





Manage Stress without bumps

Mindfullness practices like Zen and Zazen meditation, even if just starting 10 minutes a day combined with breathing exercises, will make a significant difference in anxiety, time management and overall wellbeing. An example of a simple mindfulness meditation includes paying attention to your breath, following each inhale and exhale, and bringing your mind back to your breath when it wanders. The key is to not get upset or judge yourself when your mind wanders, but simply return your attention to your breath again and again.


Like illness, health and healing have an energy and a frequency. And while we are built to heal, we can sometimes lose our way. The robust ability to self-heal has simply been forgotten – or buried under the misinformation and myth that healing comes with a hefty price tag.

True healing means elevating your frequency;  via simple yet powerful changes you can do this – to change your state of being and create a profound but priceless consciousness shift. And the science backs this up!

The gut-brain axis is a blossoming area of research for the past 6 years focusing on digestive health. Eat well feel well.


Of all my suggestions, this one may come across as the most crucial. If you’re someone who has problems with sleep, then the idea of “prioritising sleep” may even be met with an eye-roll – much easier said than done, right?

It’s true that sleep can evade us, especially when we want it the most. But the fact of the matter is that sleep is one of the most vital aspects of your health. While you sleep, your brain consolidates memories and new information, repairs itself, detoxes and so much more. Touching on the mental and emotional aspects you will feel incapable, confused, groggy and unmotivated. On the physical realm will affect all your primary glands and hormone production, while on a long term creates permanent autoimmune conditions.

You may start with easy hacks of blue light blocking and EMF reduction. Once again it comes back to your gut flora, imbalances impacts sleep quality.


Catching your focus and attention on love and that is in all things may elevates our entire driving force. When we just breathe through and doing “nothing” might be the new activity that makes you feel good, don’t just do for others, or from expectation.

Surrender. Be childlike. Alive. Blessed.

When you combine your self care with positive intentions and allow the external crisis to shift your focus inwards and grow from the experience you will feel full hearted and purpose filled. To support you in your journey Celestial Thyme intentional incense ritual may be your tender cling to go.


Allow to start off this new beginning right by taking care of your health (mind and body) and strengthening your resolve. Whatever your goals are for 2023, you’ll have a much easier time reaching them when you’re managing your stress, caring for your gut health, and getting a good night of sleep.