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Wholefood Health: Repairing Metabolism


If we imagine our metabolism as an intelligent breeze that is capable constructively and seamlessly create abundance of energy, we can also see how can also turn into a destructive force by creating too much or to less of the desired breeze.

If we reach the point when we longing to a natural intuitive eating, and ready for wholefood health; repairing metabolism, when we listen to our body and support it in a most nourishing way, we are getting back to our core alignment.

Looking at the evolutionary mismatch; the conversion of old and true, ancient and the modern biohacking concepts (most been around for thousands of years), it is always to experience the foundational insight in order to gain power of our own physiology.

Mindfulness, checking into our body is helpful. Intuitive approach is simpler, without the labeling that is better.

Even, if we are convinced we are eating a healthy diet, stay long and behold. You might be surprised of your fasting glucose levels or post per readings are full of spikes. I am here to walk with you till you gain strength.



Conversations on Keto make me concerned. Lots of pitfalls, even though a cleaner cyclical keto will certainly help in metabolic flexibility.

Instead of fasting and mimicking, long term from a metabolic inflexibility point of term clean carbs are introduced.     

Insulin resistance, your metabolic refectory, your blood sugars, lipid panels show up first as trouble loosing weight, moodiness, fatigue….yes for that metabolic inflexibility it is a proverbial yoga class for your metabolism to get you out of the vicious cycle.

To achieve optimal running either on glucose or ketons…comes naturally with the metabolic flexibility.

As we start to unwind the aggressive march of insulin resistance, more awareness comes naturally what works for US!


Macro-nutrient ratio might be on your mind, but once our flexibility is balanced. Our brain and immune system defined by our own body by extending autophage and reseting our boundaries.

Wholefoods are our first to go choices with their high fibre balance for gut health. Our microbiome 100 trillion gut bacteria (10x more bacteria then the 10 trillion human cells:-))), 75% of immune system, 20% of thyroid hormone, 15% of dopamine all starts from our gut. Fibre is the food influences our gut garden. Essential food promotes bacterial diversity. Just like a  balanced compost.

The most diverse is our fibre intake, the most diverse our gut health, eventually inflammations and brain health will be.

Bacterial toxins, environmental toxins over feed those and breech the gut lining, which will cascade into full inflammation. Electoral mimicker, eventually attacking thyroid and brain issues.

Gut and brain been formed from the same tissue. Mental health is not separated from gut health. Simply it is a chemical imbalance. Blanket statements don’t work, bio-individuality works.


Continuing on with this dialogue. When we achieve flexibility, a metabolic one, we can clean carb cycling intuitively. Have control over our health. Letting go the harsh reality of guilt and expectations of our own self. Not relating to will power, you will need to strengthen that further and further, but we can not allow an unhealthy pressure to rise up and causing new issues. We all come with our underlying traumas, manias and phobias, I like to relate them as noxious weeds. An incredible thing is that once we are regaining our blossoming gut garden these psychological imbalances naturally start surfacing into our consciousness. Almost like we given a chance to get over them. I call them edible weeds. We must see them, comprehend their offerings and digest them to receive the healing value.


Allowing the windows of 14-18 hrs on certain days and listening to the fasting state where wants you to be.

Paracelsius called fasting a position within. The main mechanism here is autophage, the longer you do deeper is happening. Enhancing the process and letting inflammatory markers to drop we allow a natural siesta. No fancy biohacking need it. Becoming your own physician.


We can not divorce our body.

The system is gospelised but we are the commander of our health.

Gut feelings are real. The power and potential to heal and change is still there, within you. Reminder here, physical conditions arise from our energetic and emotional body.

“What you consume and how you feel may shows you”, the Shame-flamation – Dr. Will Cole’s newest book suggests. Shame happens when we lose connection or feel rejected by other significant people in our lives. If guilt says “I did something bad” then the shame says “I am bad”. The rejection is internalised. In shame we withdraw, and affects our physical body forever, it contracts and restricts those aspects of us that in essence, want to shine out and demonstrate.

Until we change our inner journey of self-care and self love we will not be ready to reclaim our inner strength.

Mental health is not separate from physical health.