“Nourish the life that feeds your soul”


Given our love for nature and all living beings it is no surprise that our intentional offering is the essential hub to your wellbeing. 

The energy and intention cultivated towards our living and nourishing goods, is the light.

Our appreciation of botanical herbs integrated in our healing food and nourish-ing goods is leaning back towards Ayurvedic and Intuitive folk medicine; harvesting the abundance of earth, the natural wisdom of plants. 

But most importantly through nature, we regained health, lost connections and laughter, where we can have constructive debates with paramount feeling of belonging and nourishment. 


HOMEFOLK – Family Care

Our family care is a devotional program. Certainly been designed to inspire us to shift from set recipes consuming to innate eating. Defintely following the senses of eyesight, taste, fragrance flavour and feel. Years of ancient wisdom, folk remedies and naturopathic insights are weaved into a collection of our recipes, comprehension and ease from any “dis” to share a memory of the fields of blossoms where we grew up. 

Our healing choices are reserved. Once choice does not eliminate all other possibilities.

“You can choose and choose again. The most important choice is the decision to heal; all else follows. “

– unknown source


Healthy Feast: nourishing food is fun, simple and most greens are straight from our own garden beds we love to attend to…