Dear Delicious Goods is a home to where we care and present the senses through the art of preparing food. Private Catering in Sydney is what we do since 2000.

Our aspiration is to pass on the experience of vitality and the light of intuitive wisdom in your life through the art of cooking & living.

We pursue the possibility to empower you with comprehensible knowledge around gut healing food, digestion and nourishment. Moreover through our handcrafted goods, wellness retreats and private catering in Sydney and beyond.



Firstly our menus are plant-based, prepered from scratch and served around simple & holistic principles by using seasonal, organic farm to table produce.

Markedly we kindly consider, that each individual has unique needs. We are able to cater to a wide variety of dietary preferences including vegan, egg-free, fructose-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. Feeding  you is not just about the food. It is all about the energetical intention that one adds into the whole process of gathering, preparing, serving, sharing, and enjoying food. This is where our dedication for nourishment really shines from.

If you want to take your retreat or event to a whole new level please get in contact with us. We can create a wholesome and nourishing catered experience that will make everyone alive with light and ease!

Let us impress your PEOPLE by providing them with fresh, seasonal produce that will leave them feeling happy, satisfied & grateful to be part of your PEOPLE.

We are available to cater for your private retreat, corporate function, wedding, birthday party, childrens retreats. Furthermore for any other event where you require deliciously tasty and healthy alternatives to everyday commercial catering.

SAMPLE MENU for Private Functions / Retreats Catering / Wedding Catering/ Menu development 


Sample Menu DDG TM