“Every day is a renewal, every morning the daily miracle. This joy you feel is life.” – Gertrude Stein



Gregory and Martyne met and met for months before their first kiss, from that day they moved together and lived together. Nine years later got married and now after 19 years have a super powered son and a daughter from the bushes. 

We both carried so much trauma and pain. Our number one healer became nourishment, before we were able to tackle our own emotional baggages.

This philosophy grew out of our life experiences and the journey we took to heal our body/mind/spirit. We believe that our stories lie at the core of our beliefs and through their unraveling we come to know who we are and are not. 


Stories build the groundwork of our personalities and are a subtle map to our healing. Here’s a taste of ours:

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“Still get goosebumps when I stare at him, we still cuddle in bed and I still pinch myself that after being through so much ups and downs we are reaching heights after heights by chasing our dreams. Miraculous compliment he is. Always holding each others back and never settle for less then a challenge.”

Martyne’s STORY

As a child I was constantly affected by ear infections and sinus conditions. Consqently with feelings of not belonging. The first two were treated with multiple doses of antibiotics and medical interventions. While the latter was greatly ignored and became a driving force behind my pride, and people-pleasing personality.

Hungarian foods such as meat, sweets and overcooked/ fried vegetables were at the forefront of my diet. From a very young age I was not only chubby, but my relationship to food was obsessive compulsive. When turned teenager I’ve experimented with numerous “diets of the day”. Dominantly out of disordered eating behaviors to lose weight. Luckily my strong will allowed me results and once I understood such a thing as moving my body feels good, gave me a profound change.

I looked for connection through food, which sent me on many culinary and dietary journeys. Growing up during the communist movement, I became deeply aware of how environment, culture and separation affected my health and sense of well-being. I often felt like an outsider and very self-conscious.

My saviour was my grandmother, who I spent every Summer with. I ‘ve thrived in the woods with her, where she introduced me to the core beauty of  magical realm. Fruit orchards, flowers, herbal remedy preparations, embracing fresh fruit and preparing food with so much care and love…I’ve spent as much time as possible outdoors, seeking refuge in the natural world – there was the only space, I felt included. By 18, I was on a journey to find what felt authentic to me and to heal my physical and emotional body. I delved into a variety of diets, therapies and spiritual paths. That exploration opened many doors and provided me with a toolbox of experiences to witness the world from a broad, multifaceted perspective.

Having grown up in the city, I found that by seeking refuge in the natural world I could activate the resonance of my wild nature. Slowly learned to look deeply within to gain a deeper understanding of me and life. Travelling around our magnificant earth from age 21 became my biggest teacher ever. Taught me the most important lesson I could have learned – that we are fed and nourished by everything, picking and choosing our emotional and mental nourishment is as important as the foods we chose to sustain our body.

I’ve spent the past 25 years dedicated to learning “everything” out there related to embodied psychology, physiology and energetics of eating and healing dis-ease in the body. After years of study in Natural Western Herbalism, ZaZen Meditative Practices, Masters in Ayurvedic Digestive Counseling, Ayurvedic Panchakarme Therapist I pursued a path to integrate my clinical practice and I am in a process od completing my Masters of Digestive Health in Ayurveda. In addition I am a CIDESCO Registered Spa Therapist, Bachelor in International Hotel Management by Ecole hôtelière dL., Feng Shui Consultant by Master Roseline Deleue.

Gregory’s STORY

Every time we drove past the old children hospital my mum would always remind me; “it is where you almost died, if your dad did listen to the GP you would not be with us”.

That hospital has long gone, but the story of meigitis stayed with me. My father’s intuition started something in my subconsciousness; our inner being and the thought that we are being accompanied is something that I feel daily. 


Throughout my schooling I was alway segregated, and put into the too hard basket. Either with learning difficulties or lacking motor skills – my true saviour was my big greek family. In my earlier years my father and his siblings kept a hobby farm and it was there that my story was cemented beside the land. Growing, nurturing, cultivating – simply breathing freely.


As a young adult, I was confronted with the illness of my mother, a very special connection, especially in the kitchen. She loved people gathering and share food, the natural abundance of always having and providing. There was always love in her food. Just before she past away her last wish was that I open a cafe, when I had just turned 20. Thrown into owning and managing a relatively busy city cafe with no experience, but I knew that my mother’s insights were sincere, so life will flourish.

From this moment on I’ve learnt the gift of giving, to be hospitable in hospitality truly through the hard way.

A year passed when I met my wife, Martyne. I have been introduced to constant detoxing and cleanses, which I resisted for long years. The past 10 years I recognise how fortunate I am with always the latest science at my sleeve. That’s how naturally occurred, that my last business Dear Delicious (started 9 years ago)we offered a very “unique” menu for those times and as a big garden venue  we turned it into an edible garden oasis. It was a milestone. An important journey towards a more sustainable food system.

Through the past five years I have studied Conveyancing and Law for man kind. Which made me realise how was possible for me to survive if not the past 20 years, but definitely the past 3. The Industry needs a new direction and I am ready to support small businesses with all my knowledge through my consultancy. Meanwhile I keep receiving invitations for catering and functions, as the past 9 years was a big part of Dear Delicious. I truly enjoy being part of peoples special day through their food memories.

“The ability to nourish your family, even if it’s making breakfast or having delicious things in the fridge that are healthy; it’s a powerful tool to give to people as an every day gift”

We dreamt up our menu inspired by our garden and our love of health and nutrition, with understanding that food is dynamic to enhance essence of all folks. Here at Dear Delicious Goods we wish to purely focus on the best goods from both of us, to offer you something unique, sharing care and wellbeing through food and nourishment.

Dear Delicious Goods is a totally new chapter for us, where we can finally unite with all our strengths to support families with living slow goods.

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